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Is pleasPlease signed with a record label?

Yes, of course! How else would pleasPlease be so famous? Startlingly Fresh Records signed pleasPlease on the spot after sending a talent scout to the band's 2012 Halloween extravaganza.

I'd like to be a member of pleasPlease and I have an audition video ready. But what am I up against?

Billy Middendorf's video is a good example. Billy is one of the more inspired applicants for the latest pleasPlease vacancy. Jonny ReQuest is in the process of judging Billy's performance based on the following criteria: raw talent, skin tone (Would he look good in turquoise and orange? Here's a hint for the serious applicant: go ahead and don the pleasPlease colors in the video so Jonny doesn't have to hold color swatches up to the screen.) and intensity. Will Billy make the cut? Stay tuned to find out!

When is the next show?

pleasPlease just hosted StartleFest, a music festival featuring bands recording with Startlingly Fresh Records, including The Dawn Osborne Band, Rolling Jazz Revue, Thunderfakers, Trio El Camino, Baker Street Irregulars and special guests Josh Couts, Criss Ashwell, Roberta Silva and more! Whew! That was a lot of work! We're taking a little break from live performance to work on our next CD, now that the first one is out!.

Can pleasPlease play in my state?

Check with your local law enforcement agency to see if there are any active restraining orders against any of the members of pleasPlease. If there are none, then sure, pleasPlease can play in your state!

Does pleasPlease have any particular political leanings?

Yes, the members of pleasPlease are monarchists.

I am a card-carrying member of Mensa. Will my membership be revoked if I attend a pleasPlease show?

Most definitely.

What happens if my request is chosen?

If your song is chosen, Jonny ReQuest will send out a signal to the band to start working on a pleasPlease version. When the arrangement is ready for prime time, Jonny will let you know which show will feature your very own request!

Are there any side effects?

PleasPlease reserves the right to create a unique rendition of any tune, so prepare to be disoriented. You should not operate heavy machinery immediately after the show. A designated driver is recommended. If attending a pleasPlease show results in elation lasting more than four hours, consult a physician immediately.

What if I don't want to submit a request?

Even if your request is not chosen or you have a medical condition preventing you from asking pleasPlease to modify and perform your favorite song, thereby forever altering it in your mind, you will still be glad you attended this spectacular event.

How can I contact pleasPlease?

Send a message to, or you can get their phone number off the nearest bathroom wall.

Is pleasPlease a non-profit organization?

Absolutely not. PleasPlease is strictly for-deficit.

What does pleasPlease sound like?

Sound clips may be found at CD Baby or Get Up (I Feel Like Being a Sex Machine) - Single - Pleasplease

What other services does pleasPlease offer?

PleasPlease offers a variety of services, including, but not limited to: weddings, funerals, christenings, sweet 16 parties, Christmas caroling, teen pregnancy counseling, corporate team building retreats, hospice care and emergency lighting during power outages.

Did I read that pleasPlease offers emergency lighting services?

Yes. A little known fact is that pleasPlease glows in the dark. People do not know this because the theater staff does not allow all lights to be extinguished. The next time North Alabama experiences a wide-spread power outage, citizens far and wide will be awed by the pleasPlease glow.

May I withdraw a request?

You may withdraw a request only upon payment of a request withdrawal fee of $4,254.95.

Got any pleasPlease videos?

Yes. Here's one: Live performance of "Return To A Haunted House" by The Fleshtones.
Here's another: Mocap video by Harley Tigner. The pleasPlease Theme Song makes everybody want to dance!